Ny utställning med Gabriele


Vi har den stora glädjen att presentera en ny utställning med Gabriele Lindstaedt verksam och boende i både Mölle & Elmenhorst, utanför Hamburg

Vi säljer Gabrieles vackra tavlor  uppe hos oss. Nedan presenteras konstnären samt några av hennes alster. 

”Art, Family and Travel have always been key elements in my live. Currently I am spending about half of the year in Sweden and the other half in Germany. I draw my inspiration from spending time outside, traveling, and observing nature.”

En hälsning från Gabriele

Hi, I’m Gabriele
Since my childhood, I have been fascinated by art, expressive colors and different materials. Expressionists like Emil Nolde with his colored flowers as well as the Impressionists lead me to see the world in a new, colorful way. Additionally, the geometric shapes of Vaserly, Hundertwasser and M.C.Escher have always intrigued my imagination.

In real life, I focused on chemistry, mathematics, nature and last but not least medicine. I ended up becoming a medical doctor and worked in family practice and hospital settings for many years. But all along I desired to work with art, interior design, and landscaping. Whenever I had time, I dabbled in small arts projects, teaching myself to work with different materials, and nurturing my creativity.

Initially, I enjoyed oil painting , but more recently, I changed over to creating art with acrylic paint and spatula technique. I still love to use radiant expressive colors to represent the reflections of the sky and clouds in the water as backdrops for my paintings.

”Art is a lifelong journey and I am still learning every day.”

Thanks to the encouragement from my family and best friends I now get to spend a lot of time working on creating art. Please enjoy this site and come back soon for some new content and pictures.


Gabriele Lindstaedt

+49 172 40 41 755